The different types of collagen supplements

By: CD

Collagen is observed as a building block in our bodies. As we know that collagen is the most common protein in the human body, thus it has a very important role. Collagen helps in shaping the tissues and keeps them strong and firm. This fibrous protein is everywhere: in tendons, muscles, bone, cartilage and skin. It keeps us youthful and healthy, so no wonder everyone wants more of it. Therefore people use different supplements to maintain their body physique. 

Collagen supplements are available in the form of pills, creams and powders. These supplements are used to reverse a natural loss of collagen. As there are many forms of collagen supplements; oral supplements in pill or liquid form ensures to help ease arthritis, wrinkles, aid weight loss efforts, and build muscles. Other supplements like collagen creams also help to prevent wrinkles and make the face glow. Collagen supplements are also present in the form of capsules which are used to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and bone pain.

Healthy people do not need to take collagen supplements, but even some of healthy people prefer to take them in order to manage bone and joint pain, or to enhance their youthful appearance. The kind of the supplement should depend on his or her reasons for having it.

Collagen supplements with glucosamine are the best and most recommended choice for arthritis and orthopedic injuries. Glucosamine also heals the joint pain just like collagen. Collagen supplement which has collagen II is most recommended supplement for arthritis patients. A very suitable amount of Vitamin C and lysine has to be taken in the diet during the usage of collagen supplements. There are also some collagen supplements which contain Vitamic C; as it is useful in producing collagen in the body. Alpha Lipoic Acid is another supplement to consider in tandem with collagen, since it lessens the efficiency of Vitamin C. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also an antioxidant which can be used to reduce swelling and pain in the joints.

It must be noticed that collagen supplements are available in different doses. Those people, who use these supplements for improvement in physical appearance, do not take high dosage. The dosage is about five or six grams daily. But if these supplements are to be used to cure or lessen the bone or joint pain then the patient may take higher dosage as arthritis patient may take up to 10 grams of collagen daily. Collagen is soluble in water, so excess amount are quickly flushed from the body. Therefore, taking too much collagen is not harmful for health, although it is recommended to use them with doctor’s advice.